Mission & History


By providing access to basic needs, Low Income Ministry empowers individuals and families in the community to move toward self-sufficiency.


Every individual and family has the resources to achieve and maintain self-sufficiency.


We demonstrate the love of God through servant leadership. We are:

Collaborative: building collective impact through community partnerships

Welcoming: working with individuals and families with care and respect

Dedicated: committed to long-term improvement and success of individuals and families in our community

Accountable: partnering with individuals and families to teach and support lifelong success allowing them to be self-sufficient


Low Income Ministry started in 1972 by church ladies who asked for gifts of clothing to help meet some community family’s needs. In 1983 the food pantry was added. A location was set up in one of the church basements for families to come to for help.

As the years went by the churches asked to have the ministry move to other locations. Empty store fronts and warehouses were leased to handle the greater volume of clothing. Around 1993 a permanent building was purchased in downtown Fremont. It had been a horse livery stable with a hayloft and later a car dealership. Remodeling took place and now, with further building additions, this building houses an office area, a clothing center, a clothing receiving area, a large sized food pantry, a garage for a truck, plus storage for seasonal clothing and large quantities of foods.

Today Low Income Ministry provides food helping low income families who may come once a month. It also provides budgeting assistance, benefits assistance, community response, central navigation, employability assistance, case management, basic needs assistance, school supplies, box fans, and clothing, housewares, and hygiene items to those in need.